Friday, February 9, 2007

Help Save Safe Place for Bears

Help Save Safe Place for Bears

McNeil River Bears, (c) Roy Wood

Each year, people from across America and around the world visit Alaska?s McNeil River State Sanctuary to see the area?s famed brown bears congregate and fish for spawning salmon. The sanctuary boasts the largest congregation of brown bears in the world and is a point of pride for Alaskans.

Now, hunting restrictions that have protected the McNeil River Bears for more than 20 years are about to expire, and we need your help.

Take action now! Please write a personalized message to the Alaska Board of Game right now, urging them to maintain a ban on hunting on neighboring state lands in the Kamishak Special Use Area adjacent to Katmai National Park and the McNeil River State Sanctuary.

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Help us meet our goal of 25,000 comments to the Alaska Board of Game by Friday, February 16th.

Your Message Must Be Personalized

It is vitally important that you personalize your comments to the Alaska Board of Game. Form messages may be disregarded.

Note: If you plan on writing extensive comments, you may want to compose them in Microsoft Word or another word processing program, and then paste them into our action form.

Thanks for helping. No, there is no free offer with this.

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Jamie said...

Sent off my message. Anyone who cares about these magnificent animals will do the same so I hope you meet your goal.

If you are a bit homesick, stop by for some pictures of Mount Stuart